Frequently Asked Questions

Loading slowly issue stop at 1-60%

- Please using Photogap on Google Chrome. It work as well for web application.

I has joined facebook in 2007. Why photogap show my photo only 3 years

- Photogap access your photos from Facebook API and Facebook will return your photos to the Apps. So, we don't know the issue yet and we are working for answer. Please try to check your privacy or anything else.

The apps show message "Please allow user_photos permisstions"

- The apps need your user_photos Permisstions to access your photos in facebook.

- How to allow user_photos permisstions Go to Facebook > setting > apps > and remove or click remove app in the footer of the website and come back to the apps click login with facebook again by allow user_photos permisstion.

502 Bad Gateway or Error web page

- Please try to refresh